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Being in the military comes with unique risks, and many veterans deal with the effects of military service long after they leave active duty.  Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) disability compensation, or service-connected disability, is the military equivalent of workers’ compensation, and it provides a tax-free monetary payment to veterans who have injuries or conditions that stem from military service.  These injuries and conditions include things like musculoskeletal injuries, conditions from Agent Orange exposure, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
Disability compensation is payable to the veteran, and the veteran must display symptoms of a medical condition that can be linked to military service.  The VA assigns disability ratings based on the severity of the condition(s), and these ratings determine monthly compensation.  In many cases of disability compensation, a veteran will have an argument for significant back pay, and it is important to have a good attorney who will maximize benefits.
Georgia Veterans Law offers free consultations to people who think that they might have claims for service-connected disability.  Please contact the firm via the form below.


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